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Geographic Profiling Analysis training course, July 2018

Monday 16th - Friday 27th July 2018 (this course is held only once per year), at the Jill Dando Institute, UCL

“This has been one of the best courses I’ve attended. It has really put the application of theory into practice and cemented pre-existing knowledge. I think it will be very important discipline to have in forces and look forward to getting my hands dirty on some real cases. Brilliant stuff” Police Senior Intelligence Analyst


Geographic profiling is an investigative technique that uses the locations of a connected series of crime to work out where an offender most likely lives, or bases their criminal activities.  Its application has been significant in supporting investigations of a number of major crime series and its utility is increasing for volume crime investigation (including arson, robbery, burglary, criminal damage, fuel theft, metal theft, and theft from the person).  The principles of geographic profiling have also been applied to non-serial crime investigations.

The UCL JDI offer the only certified Geographic Profiling Analyst training programme outside of North America.  The course is designed to give analysts and researchers the background and skills required to develop and to interpret geographic profiles correctly, and to make actionable recommendations (i.e., when certified, analysts are ‘licensed’ to conduct geographic profiles).  Course tutors are Spencer Chainey (certified geographic profiling analyst) and Colin Johnson (Professional Geographic Profiler, formerly of the National Crime Agency).

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