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The Australian Institute of Criminology has released four new publications, now all available on the AIC website.

Trends and Issues

Statistical Bulletin

For the latest crime and justice facts and figures, visit Crime Statistics Australia.


Third CJPE International Summer Course: what to expect?

Third CJPE International Summer Course: what to expect?

An interview with workshop leader Ioan Durnescu

The Criminal Justice Platform Europe and the workshop leaders are busy with preparing the third edition of the International Summer Course with the theme: 'Criminal Justice in a Polarised Society'. The Summer Course will be a combination of workshops, plenary sessions and field visits bringing together participants with a background in prison, probation and restorative justice from a variety of European countries. What are the differences between this edition and the one from last year and what can the participants expect from the workshops?

'I would say this workshop will really help enhancing their daily practice. We tried to work on topics that are directly related to what they have to do in prison or what they have to do in the probation service, working with this group. It is less theoretical and much more practical orientated this time. That is what we learned from the Summer Course last year. Practitioners need exercises and techniques that they can bring home and use the day after. And that is what we will provide this time.'

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Working with violent extremist offenders in Stockholm: an interview with Assistent Governor Michael Laitinen

Many probation services in Europe have to deal with radicalised offenders on a daily bases. This requires a different way of working for probation officers. How do they do this at the probation service in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden?

Register for Webinar] Promoting Your Reentry Work During Second Chance Month

Hosted by the National Reentry Resource Center and JustLeadershipUSA, with funding support from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance


Date: Wednesday, April 17
Time: 2–3 p.m. ET




As reentry practitioners and justice advocates have been celebrating Second Chance Month for the past two weeks, social media has been buzzing with organizations highlighting their efforts to help people transitioning from incarceration back into the community. We want you to be involved, too.

Have you joined in to celebrate your work? If you’re having trouble getting started, the National Reentry Resource Center and JustLeadershipUSA are hosting a joint webinar about ways to promote your reentry work as well as to explain the resources that we’ve created to help you achieve your goals and raise awareness about successful reentry.

Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions about how to execute promotional activities beyond Second Chance Month, including ways to connect with local reporters, highlight your work on social media, and identify new ways to talk about your efforts.

EUROCRIM 2019 Conference: Extension of the deadline for abstract submission (30 April)

The Conference Programme Committee for the 19th Annual Conference of the ESC invites you to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Programme Committee. All accepted abstracts will be published electronically. Please note: all presenters must be fully registered for the conference.

Deadline for abstract submission extended! NEW DEADLINE: 30 April 2019

Key Dates:

  • Abstracts submission period opens 01 February , 2019

  • DEADLINE EXTENDED! Submission closes: 30 April 2019 - Firm deadline, no new extension!

  • Early bird registration deadline: 01 June 2019

Submission form

Presentation Types:

In the abstract submission system you can choose between three types of presentations:

  • Pre-arranged Panel Session (each panel should contain between three and four papers)

  • Oral Presentation (max. 15 minutes)

  • Poster Presentation

For abstract submission CLICK HERE

University of Cambridge: Knife crime "assault data can help forecast fatal stabbings"

How knife crime data from a 12-month period could be used to help forecast the London neighbourhoods most likely to suffer a fatal stabbing the following year.

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