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WHO: MENTOR-VIP programme now accepting applications

Deadline: 4 May 2018

WHO's global mentoring programme, MENTOR-VIP, is designed to assist junior injury prevention practitioners to develop specific skills through structured collaboration with a more experienced person who has volunteered to act as a mentor. Since its inception in 2007, nearly 100 mentorships on a range of violence and injury topics have been undertaken.

Collaborations include:

• Policy development for child injury prevention in China;

• Gap/problem analysis of a national injury surveillance system and improvements to surveillance system design and implementation in Jamaica;

• Literature review of child injury and application of Haddon's Matrix to case series in Pakistan;

• Social acceptability of barriers to prevent drowning in children and publication of papers summarizing drowning prevention in the Philippines;

• Linkage of data on road traffic injuries using police and hospital data and development of a policy brief in Romania;

• Preparation of research proposal on psycho-social factors related to suicide in South Africa;

• School area road safety assessments for primary school children in Tanzania.

MENTOR-VIP is an excellent opportunity for committed injury and violence prevention practitioners to improve their skills and benefit from the guidance of a more experienced mentor.

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