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International conference on social work and walking

Dresden, 14. of March 2018

New ways of working with delinquent and disadvantaged young people opens the international conference on socio-educational pilgrimages at the University of aplied science Dresden (FHD). With the pilgrim salutation "Ultreia - go beyond your limits", the conference will take you on the Jacobsweg to Santiago de Compostella and show you the possibilities that open monotonous walking for social work. In the framework of this project, social work and youth, companions and accompanying persons enter into a dialogue that opens up new paths and widens perspectives. Specifically, the conference will test the Konstanz Method of Dilemma Discussion (KMDD) in a separate workshop and present it as an opportunity for moral dialogue. This builds on the experience with the methods of moral development (Kohlberg) during the socio-educational pilgrimage in Saxony. Scientists and practitioners from five European countries participate in the conference as speakers and discussion partners.

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