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What Works?: A systematic overview of recently published meta evaluations / synthesis studies within the knowledge domains of Situational Crime Preven

Jaap De Waard - The Hague: Ministry of Security and Justice, Law Enforcement Department, Unit for General Crime Policy

This document presents a summary overview of knowledge on effective preventive and repressive criminal justice interventions and measures. The goal is to provide a systematic overview of recently published meta evaluations and synthesis studies of proven effective and ineffective measures and interventions. This will allow a policy to be pursued based on reliable facts, thorough analyses and useful concepts and insights from science and practice: so-called ’evidence based crime policies’. It will also provide a description of a number of core factors and characteristics which determine the efficacy and effectiveness of those interventions and measures.

A systematic classification is used via which the scientific knowledge is subdivided into three knowledge domains:

• Situational Crime Prevention (61 meta evaluations);

• Policing (51 meta evaluations); and

• Criminal Justice Interventions (147 meta evaluations). Within these three knowledge domains, some 259 recently published meta evaluations are summed up chronologically.

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