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European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR)

Eighth EUSPR Conference and Members’ Meeting,

September 20th – 22nd 2017, Vienna, Austria

Quality in Prevention

The main theme of this year’s EUSPR conference focuses on improving quality in prevention. We encourage our keynote speakers and attendees to ask: How can we improve the organisation of ambitious integrative actions that promote partnerships between researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public? 

How has our understanding of quality in prevention science developed, and how influential might initiatives such as the SPR standards for evidence for efficacy, effectiveness, and scale-up research be? 

What does ‘high quality’ training and education in prevention look like? What is the role of ethics in supporting the development of the prevention field?

How best can we promote the use of evidence in policy and practice whilst supporting diversity and innovation? 

What do researchers and practitioners need to know in order to influence the policy making process, and should we be realistic about what we can achieve? 

How has the field responded to quality standards and guidelines in prevention with respect to research priorities and practice? 

How do we improve the identification and implementation of evidence based prevention programmes and actions? 

What are some of the key methodological and conceptual developments that will advance the prevention field?

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