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Preventing and Countering Discriminatory Violence

European seminar 2-3 March 2017, Vienna According to recent reports by European institutions and civil society organisations, incidents motivated by hate and intolerance are increasing in number and intensity in many EU member states. While this is a trans-national phenomenon, responses must be found at all levels of governance. Local authorities can play a particularly important role in terms of prevention and awareness-raising and contribute to creating a climate where discrimination, hate speech and violence are not acceptable. To discuss this pressing topic, Efus invites you to a public European seminar on countering discriminatory violence and hate crime at the local level. Representatives of local authorities, European institutions, civil society organisations and other experts will discuss local approaches and strategies to counter hate and intolerance and exchange examples of best practices. The seminar includes presentations by well known experts who work on anti-discrimination and hate crime, panel discussions with representatives of European institutions, workshops on best practices by local practitioners, and field visits of some of the front line projects currently underway in Vienna to prevent hate crime.

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