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UCL Department of Security and Crime Science: Europol Lecture

Date: Thursday 2nd March 201 Pre-presentation drinks reception: 16:30 Presentation: 17:00 followed by Q&A session The Department of Security and Crime Science and the Organised Crime Research Network are pleased to announce a special presentation as part of its programme of work around tackling organised crime and terrorism. Mr Wainwright was appointed Director of Europol in April 2009. He was reappointed for a second term in 2013, having overseen Europolís transition from intergovernmental organisation to EU agency status in 2010, ensured Europolís pivotal position in the new EU Policy Cycle for serious and organised crime from 2011, and secured the establishment of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol in 2013. Under his command Europol has also established the new European Counter Terrorism Centre and European Migrant Smuggling Centre, both in 2016. As the EUís law enforcement agency, Europol has a mission to support its Member States in preventing and combatting all forms of serious international organised crime and terrorism. In his presentation Rob Wainwright will provide a number of insights into the daily workings of Europol and how it works with member states. Mr. Wainwright will also provide topical and timely commentary on the impact of Brexit on the UKs relationship with Europol and the implications for collective security. This invitation is open to all members of the Department of Security and Crime Science and invited guests.

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