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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Crime Report, 02.01.2020

Hate Crimes Against Religious Groups Up Nearly 35% Between 2014-2018: FBI

TCR Staff

ZDNet, 02.01.2020

Seoul to install AI cameras for crime detection

Cho Mu-Hyun

PolitiFact, 02.01.2020

Do gun background checks work? What the research shows

Amy Sherman

The Independent, 02.01.2020

London Bridge attack: Terrorists may not be ‘cured’ by prison deradicalisation schemes, senior psychologist admits

Lizzie Dearden

The Independent, 03.01.2020

Scientists have developed AI to detect sexual harassment in emails

Sophie Gallagher

Newswise, 03.01.2020

Notre Dame expert: Rushed assassination of Soleimani confirms loss of democratic control of foreign policy

The Trace, 03.01.2020

2020 Will Be a Big Year for the Gun Issue

Team Trace

The Conversation, 03.01.2020

With the US and Iran on the brink of war, the dangers of Trump’s policy of going it alone become clear

Klaus W. Larres Richard M. Krasno

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 03.01.2020

'The Holocaust Did Not Take Place in One Day'

Markus Becker

The Conversation, 04.01.2020

Qassem Suleimani air strike: why this is a dangerous escalation of US assassination policy

Luca Trenta

Irish Times, 04.01.2020

Sons five times more likely to abuse elderly parents, study finds

Conor Gallagher

Foreign Affairs, 04.01.2020

How to Avoid Another War in the Middle East

Kelly Magsamen

The Scotsman, 05.01.2020

Professor Susan McVie: Appeal to subjects of youth crime study to share invaluable insights

Susan McVie

The Conversation, 05.01.2020

Communities can combat racism, hate and extremism with education

Kawser Ahmed

Tablet, 05.01.2020

The Prophet

Jacob Siegel

Smithsonian, 06.01.2020

In the 1980s, a Far-Left, Female-Led Domestic Terrorism Group Bombed the U.S. Capitol

Lila Thulin

The Conversation, 06.01.2020

In Iran showdown, conflict could explode quickly – and disastrously

The Ohio State University

The Guardian, 06.01.2020

Female fugitives: why is 'pink-collar crime' on the rise?

Rene Chun

The Conversation, 06.01.2020

Five years on from the Charlie Hebdo attack, ‘Je suis Charlie’ rings hollow

Jonathan Ervine

EurekAlert!, 06.01.2020

A new link between fear, imitation, and antisocial behavior in children

University of Pennsylvania

The New Yorker, 06.01.2020

Should the U.S. Expect an Iranian Cyberattack?

Sue Halpern

New York Times, 07.01.2020

The Truth About New York’s Rising Murder Numbers

Edgar Sandoval

The Crime Report, 07.01.2020

Why Re-Arrest Doesn’t Mean You’re a Failure

TCR Staff, 07.01.2020

Can gun violence be traced back to socioeconomic root causes?

Roberto Molar Candanosa

The Conversation, 07.01.2020

Deepfakes: Informed digital citizens are the best defence against online manipulation

Nadia Naffi, 08.01.2020

Does restorative justice help or harm victims?

Royal Holloway, University of London

New York Times, 08.01.2020

Don’t Blame Mental Illness

The Conversation, 08.01.2020

Why the U.S. is unlikely to go to war with Iran

Bryan Peeler

EurekAlert, 08.01.2020

Marijuana detected in homicide victims nearly doubles

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

EurekAlert, 08.01.2020

Relation between physical violence and not having adequate check-ups during pregnancy

University of Granada

Colorado Springs Independent, 08.01.2020

How courts and guardians exploit the elderly and their estates and get away with it

Pam Zubeck

The Times, 08.01.2020

Victim blaming makes it easy for predators

Alice Thomson

The Conversation, 08.01.2020

AI can now read emotions – should it?

Christoffer Heckman

The Conversation, 08.01.2020

Targeting Iran’s cultural heritage would be an attack on history itself

Eve MacDonald

New York Times, 08.01.2020

Trump Wants Law and Order Front and Center

Thomas B. Edsall

PublicTechnology, 08.01.2020

How Companies House Data is helping fight economic crime

Louise Smyth

UChicago News, 08.01.2020

Police oversight enters ‘watershed era’ of change amid cries for accountability

NPR, 08.01.2020

U.S. Alcohol-Related Deaths Have Doubled, Study Says

Vanessa Romo & Allison Aubrey

The Conversation, 09.01.2020

The US-Iran conflict and the consequences of international law-breaking

David Mednicoff

EurekAlert, 09.01.2020

Harvard researchers help explain link between emotion and addictive substance use

New York Magazine, 09.01.2020

The Strategy Behind Trump’s Incoherent Iran Address

Heather Hurlburt

The Conversation, 09.01.2020

Counter-terrorism was ignored in the UK general election – it must not be forgotten in 2020

Steven Greer

The Guardian, 10.01.2020

Understanding family justice and protecting the victims of abuse

Newswise, 10.01.2020

At gun safety events, 40% of gun owners reported not locking all household guns –– even around kids

University of Washington

The Conversation, 10.01.2020

Facial recognition: research reveals new abilities of ‘super-recognisers’

David James Robertson, Ahmed Megreya, Josh P Davis

Daily Nurse, 10.01.2020

Jacquelyn Campbell Develops Intimate-Partner Violence Risk Assessment Training for Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Amazon Polly

The Conversation, 10.01.2020

Killing of Soleimani evokes dark history of political assassinations in the formative days of Shiite Islam

Deina Abdelkader

The Conversation, 10.01.2020

Weinstein jurors must differentiate between consent and compliance – which research shows isn’t easy

Vanessa K. Bohns

Washington Post, 11.01.2020

‘Suicide by cop’ is a persistent problem. Here’s how to prevent it.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, 12.01.2020

We’re deporting people back to gangs. What about offering refuge and aid?

Mark Fazlollah

The National, 12.01.2020

Prison death rates still ‘horrific’ despite promises for action following high-profile suicides

Karin Goodwin

The Conversation, 12.01.2020

How police surveillance technologies act as tools of white supremacy

Constantine Gidaris

Harvard Political Review, 12.01.2020

It’s Time to Recognize Suicide as a Driver of Gun-Related Deaths

Sam Meyerson

The Conversation, 13.01.2020

What Islamic State speaking in an English accent tells us about the group’s strategy

Alan Greene, 13.01.2020

Criminals are able to manipulate probation officers too easily, say inspectors

Charles Hymas

The Guardian, 13.01.2020

Why we need to treat violence like a contagious epidemic

Gary Slutkin

The Conversation, 13.01.2020

I’m an ex-prisoner and education behind bars saved my life

Ed Schreeche-Powell

EurekAlert, 13.01.2020

'Real' rape stereotype may affect child rape trials

Anglia Ruskin University

The Conversation, 13.01.2020

Cyberspace is the next front in Iran-US conflict – and private companies may bear the brunt

Bryan Cunningham, 13.01.2020

Criminals are able to manipulate probation officers too easily, say inspectors

Charles Hymas

The Atlantic, 13.01.2020

The Twitter Electorate Isn’t the Real Electorate

Helen Lewis

HSToday, 14.01.2020

How Do Canadian Extremists Find Their Way in – and Out – of White Supremacist Groups?

BBC News, 14.01.2020

One in five adults experienced abuse as children - report

London Review of Books Vol. 42 No. 1, 14.01.2020

Blundering into War

Patrick Cockburn

Daily Maverick, 14.01.2020

Upgrading the police toolbox

Andrew Faull

The Conversation, 14.01.2020

Can the Constitution stop the government from lying to the public?

Helen Norton Rothgerber

Police News, 15.01.2020

How an anonymous 'close calls' reporting initiative is saving officers' lives

The Crime Report, 15.01.2020

How Police Can Kill Fewer People: Numbers vs Narratives

James M. Doyle

BBC News, 15.01.2020

Minorities more likely to be jailed for drug dealing, study suggests

ScienceDaily, 15.01.2020

Global warming to increase violent crime in the United States

University of Colorado

EurekAlert, 15.01.2020

Drug epidemic likely 'killing more Americans than we think'

University of Pennsylvania

3AW, 16.01.2020

This could be the best way to reduce alcohol-related crime in Australia