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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

FORBES, 01.08.2019

AI Is Predicting The Future Of Online Fraud Detection

Louis Columbus

WBEZ, 01.08.2019

Study: Police Can Transmit Abusive Behavior To Other Officers

Patrick Smith

EurekAlert, 01.08.2019

Sustained police effort explains higher arrests for gun murders

Duke University

EurekAlert, 01.08.2019

Study casts doubt on evidence for 'gold standard' psychological treatments

University of Kansas

EurekAlert, 01.08.2019

Police officers' exposure to peers accused of misconduct shapes their subsequent behavior

Northwestern University, 02.08.2019

Peacekeeping missions can actually increase criminal violence, research finds

Sheila Kiggins

Technology Networks, 02.08.2019

Two Fraudsters, One Passport

The Conversation, 02.08.2019

Beefing up security isn’t the only way to make hospitals safer

Jacqui Pich Lecturer in Nursing, University of Technology Sydney

The Conversation, 02.08.2019

Drug laws on possession: several countries are revisiting them and these are their options

Authors Alex Stevens ,Caitlin Hughes

The Guardian, 03.08.2019

New wave of terrorist attacks possible before end of year, UN says

Jason Burke

New York Times, 03.08.2019

Mass Shootings in 2019: A Week of Bloodshed Underscores the Scale of Violence

Neil Vigdor

The Conversation, 04.08.2019

Could a national buyback program reduce gun violence in America?

Lacey Wallace

New York Times, 04.08.2019

8chan Is a Megaphone for Gunmen. ‘Shut the Site Down,’ Says Its Creator.

Kevin Roose

The New Yorker, 05.08.2019

Alan Dershowitz, Devil’s Advocate

Connie Bruck

Wall Street Journal, 05.08.2019

Isolation and Social Media Combine to Radicalize Violent Offenders

Daniela Hernandez and Parmy Olson

PolitiFact, 05.08.2019

That viral tweet about mass shootings by country? It needs additional context

Jon Greenberg

The Conversation, 05.08.2019

Stop blaming video games for mass killings

Christopher J. Ferguson

The Conversation, 05.08.2019

Police are more likely to kill men and women of color

Frank Edwards

EurekAlert, 05.08.2019

Poor health increases chance of recidivism, reincarceration, says Rutgers-Cam

Rutgers University

EurekAlert, 05.08.2019

Police use of fatal force is identified as a leading cause of death in young men

EurekAlert, 05.08.2019

The front line of environmental violence

University of Queensland

Connecticut Public Radio, 05.08.2019

What Is A Mass Shooting? Why We Struggle To Agree On How Many There Were This Year

Emily Alfin Johnson, 05.08.2019

What induces men to imitate the Christchurch massacre?

Jeff Sparrow

VICE News, 05.08.2019

EXCLUSIVE: Dayton Shooter Was In a “Pornogrind” Band That Released Songs About Raping and Killing Women

Daniel Newhauser

New York Times, 05.08.2019

I Spent 25 Years Fighting Jihadis. White Supremacists Aren’t So Different.

Ali H. Soufan

Wall Street Journal, 05.08.2019

White Nationalists Pose Challenge to Investigators

Dan Frosch, Zusha Elinson and Sadie Gurman

The Conversation, 06.08.2019

Guns and mental illness: A psychiatrist explains the complexities

Arash Javanbakht

The Conversation, 06.08.2019

From across the globe to El Paso, changes in the language of the far-right explain its current violence

Arie Perliger

EurekAlert, 06.08.2019

Many post on social media under the influence of drugs -- and regret it

New York University

The Conversation, 06.08.2019

The facts on the US children and teens killed by firearms

Marc A Zimmerman ,Rebecca Cunningham Patrick Carter

The Conversation, 07.08.2019

8chan’s demise is a win against hate, but could drive extremists to the dark web

Renee Barnes Senior Lecturer, Journalism, University of the Sunshine Coast

Newswise, 07.08.2019

The Domestic U.S. Terror Threat: What to Know

Bruce Hoffman, Council on Foreign Relations

The Conversation, 07.08.2019

Police drugs crackdown operations can do more harm than good – I’ve seen it

Will Mason Lecturer in Applied Social Science, University of Sheffield

The Conversation, 07.08.2019

French cannabis legalization debate ignores race, religion and the mass incarceration of Muslims

David A Guba, Jr. History Faculty, Bard College

The Conversation, 07.08.2019

Mass shootings aren’t growing more common – and evidence contradicts common stereotypes about the killers

Christopher J. Ferguson Professor of Psychology, Stetson University

Cosmopolitan, 07.08.2019

Is It Possible to Stop a Mass Shooting Before It Happens?

Andrea Stanley

InSight Crime, 08.08.2019

Why Are More People Being Killed in Mexico in 2019?

Patrick Corcoran

The Conversation, 08.08.2019

Why do we keep having debates about video-game violence?

Richard Lachman Director, Zone Learning & Associate Professor, Ryerson University

The Conversation, 08.08.2019

Can experts determine who might be a mass killer? 3 questions answered

Arash Javanbakht, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Wayne State University

EurekAlert! News Release, 08.08.2019

How technology shapes mass murder

Ohio State University

Irish Examiner, 08.08.2019

Law change urged as migrant women overwhelmingly convicted of brothel keeping

Press Association

The Verge, 08.08.2019

Why deplatforming 8chan can be effective

Casey Newton

TIME, 08.08.2019

‘We Are Being Eaten From Within.’ Why America Is Losing the Battle Against White Nationalist Terrorism

Vera Bergengruen and W.J. Hennigan

Bellingcat, 08.08.2019

Commuting To Moscow: Lega Nord’s Pilgrimage To Russia

Bellingcat Investigation Team

Newswise, 09.08.2019

‘Red flag’ laws would be upheld under court challenge

West Virginia University

ZDNet, 09.08.2019

Facial recognition: Convenient or creepy?

Aimee Chanthadavong

The Conversation, 11.08.2019

Lessons from Queensland on alcohol, violence and the night-time economy

Peter Miller, Jason Ferris, Kerri Coomber

London Review of Books (Blogs), 11.08.2019

When guilty men kill themselves

Andrew O’Hagan

New York Times, 11.08.2019

How YouTube Radicalized Brazil

Max Fisher and Amanda Taub

The Crime Report, 12.08.2019

Can We Prevent Wrongful Convictions?

Bruce Westbrook

The Crime Report, 12.08.2019

A Mixed Assessment of Police Body Cameras

Crime and Justice News

Science Daily, 12.08.2019

Individuals are swayed by their peers, leading to more severe punishments, study finds

Brown University, 12.08.2019

Evidence reveals risk assessment algorithms show bias against Hispanic population

Laura Butler

New Atlas, 12.08.2019

Lying eyes may reveal criminal ties

Ben Coxworth, 13.08.2019

Johnson's crackdown on offenders will only entrench crime

Jamie Grierson (blog), 13.08.2019

Definition of Elder Mistreatment May Vary by Ethnicity

The Conversation, 13.08.2019

Unwanted sexual attention plagues young women going out at night

Dominique de Andrade, Cheneal Puljević, Kerri Coomber, Peter Miller

EurekAlert, 13.08.2019

Analysis shows large decline in criminal sentencing race gap

Ohio State University

Information Age, 13.08.2019

Cyberchology: psychometric tests are a key weapon in battle against cyber security breaches

VICE, 13.08.2019

The Facial Recognition System Amazon Sells to Cops Can Now Detect 'Fear'

Janus Rose

Bloomberg, 13.08.2019

Facebook Paid Contractors to Transcribe Users’ Audio Chats

Sarah Frier, 13.08.2019

My father called for reform in Saudi Arabia. Now he faces death

Abdullah Alaoudh

ThePrint, 13.08.2019

Neuroscience is the missing link that can separate terrorists from non-violent extremists

Sumaiya Shaikh

Psychology Today, 13.08.2019

We Need to Stop Blaming Mental Illness for Mass Shootings

Kristen Fuller

Digital Journal, 13.08.2019

New Study: Hate Crimes Spike in Washington State

The Conversation, 13.08.2019

New laws give victims more time to report rape or sexual assault – even Jeffrey Epstein’s

Jane E. Palmer

Columbia Journalism Review, 14.08.2019

Coverage of mass shootings threatens public safety. Let’s fix it.

Miles Kohrman and Katherine Reed

The Conversation, 14.08.2019

It’s no wonder the military likes violent video games – they can help train civilians to become warriors

Neve Gordon

Scientific American, 14.08.2019

Why Are Deepfakes So Effective?

Martijn Rasser

The Digital Weekly, 14.08.2019

Here’s The Complete Story Behind The Data On Mass Murders In The United States

Nikhil Gupta, 14.08.2019

Killer narratives: The real culprit of mass shootings in the US

Abdelwahab El-Affendi

Psychology Today, 14.08.2019

Why Do False Flag Conspiracy Theories Follow Mass Shootings?

Joe Pierre

Newsweek, 14.08.2019

Police Bodycam Facial Recognition Matches 26 California Lawmakers With Mugshots

Jason Murdock

New York Times Magazine, 14.08.2019

Myths about physical racial differences were used to justify slavery — and are still believed by doctors today.

Linda Villarosa

New Statesman, 14.08.2019

Why liberals now believe in conspiracies

John Gray

EurekAlert, 15.08.2019

Financial abuse of older adults by family members more common than scams by strangers

University of Southern California - Health Sciences

EurekAlert, 15.08.2019

Political campaigns may influence acceptance of violence against women

Lehigh University

EurekAlert, 15.08.2019

New tools help detect digital domestic abuse

Cornell University

The Conversation, 15.08.2019

Shouldn’t there be a law against reckless opioid sales? Turns out, there is

Nicolas Paul Terry

New York Times, 15.08.2019

The Silence Is the Loudest Sound

Arundhati Roy, 16.08.2019

We know that prison doesn’t work. So what are the alternatives?

Jarryd Bartle

EurekAlert, 16.08.2019

Does the judicial system give justice to assaulted EMS first responders?

NBCNews, 17.08.2019

I wanted to make my community safer and more neighborly. The advice I got surprised me.

Dana McMahan

EurekAlert, 18.08.2019

Empathy for perpetrators helps explain victim blaming in sexual harassment

University of Exeter

The New Yorker online, 18.08.2019

The Failure to See What Jeffrey Epstein Was Doing

Amy Davidson Sorkin

The New Yorker, 19.08.2019

The Fight to Redefine Racism

Kelefa Sanneh

The Conversation, 19.08.2019

Altruistic or self-serving? Four things judges consider when sentencing politically-motivated crimes

Jamie Walvisch

Big Issue, 19.08.2019

A short, sharp shock? Only the hope of a better life will end knife crime

Dr Robert Hesketh

Decrypt, 19.08.2019

Bitcoin is being used to fund terrorism - report

Robert Stevens

datenschutz notizen (Blog), 19.08.2019

I spy with my little eye…

Juliana Speder

The Conversation, 19.08.2019

Bring on the technology bans!

Kentaro Toyama W. K. Kellogg

EurekAlert, 19.08.2019

Peer influence, social networks might be leveraged to aid gun violence reduction efforts

Northwestern University

EurekAlert, 19.08.2019

Case studies suggest that 'red flag' laws play a role in preventing mass shootings

American College of Physicians

EurekAlert, 19.08.2019

Chinese Americans face increased risk of elder abuse, Rutgers studies find

Rutgers University

New York Times, 19.08.2019

ISIS Is Regaining Strength in Iraq and Syria

Eric Schmitt, Alissa J. Rubin and Thomas Gibbons-Neff

New Statesman, 19.08.2019

How a new “digital strip search” policy treats rape victims as suspects

Grace Morgan

EurekAlert, 19.08.2019

Police less proactive after negative public scrutiny, study says

University of Texas at Austin

The Conversation, 20.08.2019

‘Jihadi Jack’ and the folly of revoking citizenship

Audrey Macklin

The Conversation, 20.08.2019

Stolen fingerprints could spell the end of biometric security – here’s how to save it

Chaminda Hewage

The Conversation, 20.08.2019

Why are gang rape accusations treated as ‘sexual abuse’ in Spain? Another trial fails another victim

Deborah Madden

EurekAlert!, 20.08.2019

When disaster strikes, a search website for first responders will save lives

University of California - Riverside

EurekAlert, 20.08.2019

Spending on illicit drugs in US nears $150 billion annually

EurekAlert, 20.08.2019

Treatment for sexual and domestic violence offenders does work

University of Kent, 20.08.2019

When corporations respond to terror attacks with acts of kindness—and when they don't

Ian Thomsen

Asian Tribune, 20.08.2019

In the Blink of an Eye …

Arlene J. Schar and Dr. David Leffler

Fort Worth Star Telegram, 21.08.2019

These cities are stopping crime before it happens. Is Fort Worth next to adopt their plan?

Nichole Manna

Middle East Media Research Institute, 21.08.2019

The Coming Storm – Terrorists Using Cryptocurrency

Steven Stalinsky

West Central Tribune, 21.08.2019

American Opinion: Right-wing extremists make a global problem that needs a global response

Washington Post editorial

Just Security, 21.08.2019

The Tit-for-Tat Dynamics of 21st Century Extremism

Valery Perry

The Conversation, 21.08.2019

Facial recognition: ten reasons you should be worried about the technology

Birgit Schippers

The Conversation, 21.08.2019

Why the police should use machine learning – but very carefully

Paul McFarlane

EurekAlert, 21.08.2019

Nearly 1/3 of migrants through Mexico to US experience significant violence during journey

ABC News, 22.08.2019

How companies selling spyware are helping to promote family violence

Alison Branley and Loretta Florance

ResponseSource, 22.08.2019

Why people become terrorists – and the reason it happens over and over again

The Sydney Morning Herald, 22.08.2019

'Ruining lives without improving safety': former AG takes aim at imprisonment rates

Michaela Whitbourn

The Conversation, 22.08.2019

Unlawful strip searches are on the rise in NSW and police aren’t being held accountable

Vicki Sentas, Michael Grewcock

EurekAlert, 22.08.2019

What do criminal justice risk assessments actually assess?

Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health