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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The New York Review of Books, Thursday 26 May 2022

Our Hypocrisy on War Crimes

Fintan O’Toole

TIME, Thursday 19 May 2022

Anti-Black Violence Has Long Been the Most Common American Hate Crime—And We Still Don't Know the Full Extent

Janell Ross

The Conversation, Thursday 19 May 2022

A quest for significance gone horribly wrong – how mass shooters pervert a universal desire to make a difference in the world

Arie Kruglanski

The Conversation, Thursday 19 May 2022

Putin could be charged with the crime of aggression for the Ukraine war – but it’s an expensive process with high stakes

Shelley Inglis

Irish Times, Thursday 19 May 2022

Nothing bad has ever happened: a tale of two genocides, the Holocaust and the Holodomor

Washington Post, Thursday 19 May 2022

Victory and Defeat Are Hard to Define in Ukraine

Leonid Bershidsky

Otago Daily Times, Wednesday 18 May 2022

Psychopaths’ ways likely to stick: study

John Lewis

The Journalist's Resource, Wednesday 18 May 2022

White supremacy: Research on cyber-racism and domestic terrorism

Denise-Marie Ordway

Behavioral Scientist, Wednesday 18 May 2022

Behavioral Jurisprudence: Law Needs a Behavioral Revolution

Benjamin van Rooij and Adam Fine

EurekAlert!, Wednesday 18 May 2022

Four-year college students drink more, use marijuana less than community college peers

Washington State University

The Conversation, Wednesday 18 May 2022

Smacking children: what the research says

Ana Aznar

The Conversation, Wednesday 18 May 2022

Racism is different than colorism – here’s how

Ronald Hall

The Atlantic, Wednesday 18 May 2022

Ukraine’s Way Out

Charles A. Kupchan

Sacramento Bee, Tuesday 17 May 2022

When will domestic violence turn fatal? California researchers found common thread in killings

Cathie Anderson

ArchDaily, Tuesday 17 May 2022

How Mixed-Use Neighborhoods Can Reduce Crime Rates

Kaley Overstreet

Harvard Business Review, Tuesday 17 May 2022

Research: The Real-Time Impact of Microaggressions

Malissa Alinor

The Conversation, Tuesday 17 May 2022

The UK government wants to crack down on knife crime – research can tell us why young people start carrying weapons

Iain Brennan

Vox, Tuesday 17 May 2022

What Mariupol’s fall means for Russia — and Ukraine

Jen Kirbyjen

New York Times, Monday 16 May 2022

What to Know About the Orange County Church Shooting

Soumya Karlamangla

UMass Lowell, Monday 16 May 2022

Expert: ‘All the Signs Were There’ for Buffalo Shooter

The Conversation, Monday 16 May 2022

Grooming: an expert explains what it is and how to identify it

Michelle McManus

EurekAlert!, Monday 16 May 2022

Departmental policies key to police officers’ decisions to activate body-worn cameras

BBC, Monday 16 May 2022

Ukraine: The children's camp that became an execution ground

Sarah Rainsford

Verve Times, Monday 16 May 2022

Unanticipated high mortality rate of participants in multidecade juvenile justice study

Addrew Shawn

New York Times, Monday 16 May 2022

The suspect recorded months’ worth of preparation in an online chat log.

Jonah E. Bromwich, Matthew Haag, Michael Levenson and Kellen Browning

Newswise, Monday 16 May 2022

The Gun Violence Research Center Research Day

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

The New Yorker Annals of War, Monday 16 May 2022

The Turkish Drone That Changed the Nature of Warfare

Stephen Witt

Washington Post, Sunday 15 May 2022

Buffalo suspect allegedly inspired by racist theory fueling global carnage

Isaac Stanley-Becker and Drew Harwell

The Conversation, Sunday 15 May 2022

More mass shootings are happening at grocery stores – 13% of shooters are motivated by racial hatred, criminologists find

Jillian Peterson, James Densley

Washington Post, Sunday 15 May 2022

Hate is not at the root of most mass shootings

James Densley and Jillian Peterson