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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Boot camps for young offenders are back – the psychological evidence they don’t work never went away

Simon Davies, Clare-Ann Fortune, Karen Salmon, Linda Fatialofa

The Conversation, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Are older adults more vulnerable to scams? What psychologists have learned about who’s most susceptible, and when

Natalie C. Ebner, Didem Pehlivanoglu

AOL, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Opinion: I study school shootings. Here’s what AI can — and can’t — do to stop them

David Riedman

PsyPost, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Consistent ADHD medication use linked to lower crime rates in adolescents

Vladimir Hedrih

New York Times, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Biden Talks About Gun Safety Hours After Son’s Firearms Conviction

New York Times, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Chiquita Held Liable for Deaths During Colombian Civil War

Jorge Valencia

Verfassungsblog, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Nothing but your own Constitution?

Nazli Aghazadeh-Wegener

Verfassungsblog, Tuesday 11 June 2024

Should a Convicted Felon be the Next President of the US?

Vicente Medina

The Conversation, Tuesday 11 June 2024

The government is drafting anti-hate speech laws. Here are 4 things they should include

Dr Nicole Shackleton

Pew Research Center, Monday 10 June 2024

Most Black Americans Believe Racial Conspiracy Theories About U.S. Institutions

Kiana Cox

The Conversation, Monday 10 June 2024

Public notifications make it challenging for prisoners to reintegrate after release

Sandy Jung

EurekAlert!, Monday 10 June 2024

The risk of suffering school bullying triples in children with autistic spectrum disorders

Universitat Rovira i Virgili Nutrition and Mental Health Research Team, URV

EurekAlert!, Monday 10 June 2024

Wire-cut forensic examinations currently too unreliable for court, new study says

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

EurekAlert!, Monday 10 June 2024

1 in 7 adults have experienced someone threaten to share their intimate images: new research

RMIT University

The Conversation, Monday 10 June 2024

Age verification for pornography access? Our research shows it fails on many levels

Zahra Stardust, Alan McKee

New Lines Magazine, Monday 10 June 2024

Growing Up ‘Non-Western’ in Denmark’s Nanny State

Gabriela Galvin

The Guardian, Monday 10 June 2024

‘I did not want to disappear in silence’: Chechen woman livestreamed attempted abduction by her family

Pjotr Sauer

MSN, Sunday 09 June 2024

Study: Does police spending cut crime? Louisiana one of 10 US states with worst ROI

Allison Bruhl

CheshireLive, Sunday 09 June 2024

The former Cheshire burglar now teaching training police officers

Josh Pennington and Amy Reast

The Guardian, Saturday 08 June 2024

‘We’re in 1938 now’: Putin’s war in Ukraine and lessons from history

Patrick Wintour

Tampa Bay Times, Saturday 08 June 2024

Is violent crime near a 50-year low? | Fact check

Louis Jacobson

New York Times, Saturday 08 June 2024

Here’s How Israel’s Mission to Rescue Four Hostages Unfolded

Ronen Bergman and Aaron Boxerman

University of Mannheim, Friday 07 June 2024

Study on Survivors of Sexual Violence Comes to Astonishing Conclusion

The Trace, Friday 07 June 2024

What the Cases Against Trump and Hunter Biden Illustrate About U.S. Gun Law

Sunny Sone

Project Syndicate, Friday 07 June 2024

The New-Old Authoritarianism

Ruth Ben-Ghiat

The Guardian, Friday 07 June 2024

‘Natty or not?’: how steroids got big

Stephen Buranyi

EurekAlert!, Thursday 06 June 2024

Supreme Court: Are bans on homeless camps ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment?

University of Southern California

The Independent, Thursday 06 June 2024

Trump set to have gun license revoked by NYPD after historic felony convictions

Graeme Massie

EurekAlert!, Wednesday 05 June 2024

US Islamist extremist co-offenders form close-knit groups driven by mutual contacts, homophily effects


The Guardian, Wednesday 05 June 2024

French terror inquiry after Ukrainian-Russian man detonates explosive materials in hotel

Angelique Chrisafis