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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Trace, Wednesday 07 December 2022

An Inexpensive Solution to Gun Violence That Works

Sunny Sone

The Conversation, Wednesday 07 December 2022

Convictions remain rare when police are accused of sexual assault

Danielle McNabb, Kate Puddister

The Conversation, Wednesday 07 December 2022

Family violence can include fire threats and burning. We can do more to protect women

Heather Douglas, Yvonne Singer

The Conversation, Wednesday 07 December 2022

How can we slow down youth gun violence? — Podcast

Ardavan Eizadirad, Devon Jones Founder

The Conversation, Tuesday 06 December 2022

Any means necessary’: the police who adopt the skull symbol of the ultra-violent comic book vigilante the Punisher

Martyn Pedler

The Guardian, Tuesday 06 December 2022

Risky online behaviour ‘almost normalised’ among young people, says study

Dan Milmo

InSight Crime, Tuesday 06 December 2022

True Cost of El Salvador’s War on Gangs Still Being Tallied

Chris Dalby

Niskanen Center, Tuesday 06 December 2022

Taking violence and government seriously

Lisa Miller

The Conversation, Tuesday 06 December 2022

Jihadists and bandits are cooperating. Why this is bad news for Nigeria

Folahanmi Aina

CNN, Monday 05 December 2022

Belgium’s biggest ever trial begins over Brussels bombings

The Atlantic, Monday 05 December 2022

Here Come the Crypto Hypocrites

James Surowiecki

The Jerusalem Post, Monday 05 December 2022

Iranian regime likely to survive the protests, Israeli official predicts


The Justice Gap, Monday 05 December 2022

Black children and teenagers’ trust in police dangerously low, research finds

Taya Sayekaya

Newswise, Monday 05 December 2022

Children are ditching alcohol for marijuana, as 20-year national US study shows a 245% increase

Taylor & Francis

The Conversation, Monday 05 December 2022

Why women sometimes stay with abusers: insights from a Nigerian study

Steven Kator Iorfa, James Edem Effiong, Peace N. Ibeagha

The Conversation, Monday 05 December 2022

Five ways drones will change the way buildings are designed

Paul Cureton, Ole B. Jensen

The Conversation, Monday 05 December 2022

A judge in Texas is using a recent Supreme Court ruling to say domestic abusers can keep their guns

April M. Zeoli, Shannon Frattaroli

The Conversation, Monday 05 December 2022

Text-to-image AI: powerful, easy-to-use technology for making art – and fakes

Hany Farid

The Conversation, Monday 05 December 2022

Should sports cheats be prosecuted? When violence in the ring or on the field becomes criminal

Joe Purshouse

The Guardian, Sunday 04 December 2022

I have no problem hiring ex-offenders. But they’re being let down

Gene Marks

New University, Sunday 04 December 2022

How Carceral Punishment and Policing Failed America’s Working Class

Jacob Ramos

The Independent, Saturday 03 December 2022

Domestic abuse soars by almost 50% after England win World Cup matches, study finds

Maya Oppenheim

The Guardian, Saturday 03 December 2022

How the Kremlin tried to conscript me for its war, even though it murdered my father

Anatoly Litvinenko

Washington Post, Friday 02 December 2022

Do Twitter users want Musk to censure or ban offensive or threatening posts?

Yannis Theocharis, Spyros Kosmidis, Franziska Pradeland Jan Zilinsky

The Conversation, Friday 02 December 2022

Genocides persist, nearly 70 years after the Holocaust – but there are recognized ways to help prevent them

Kerry Whigham

New York Times, Friday 02 December 2022

Hate Speech’s Rise on Twitter Is Unprecedented, Researchers Find

Sheera Frenkel and Kate Conger

Chicago Maroon, Thursday 01 December 2022

NORC Study Shows Most Americans Believe Misinformation Increasing Hate Crimes, Extremism

Justin Walgren

The Conversation, Thursday 01 December 2022

EU plans to set up a new court to prosecute Russia’s war on Ukraine – but there’s a mixed record on holding leaders like Putin accountable for waging

Victor Peskin

Jerusalem Post, Thursday 01 December 2022

What should medical professionals know about terror car-rammings? - study


The Guardian, Thursday 01 December 2022

Banks failing to comply with anti-corruption rules and sanctions lists

David Batty