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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Conversation, Monday 06 February 2023

Scams, deepfake porn and romance bots: advanced AI is exciting, but incredibly dangerous in criminals’ hands

Brendan Walker-Munro

The Conversation, Monday 06 February 2023

QAnon is spreading outside the US – a conspiracy theory expert explains what that could mean

Robert M. Dover

EurekAlert!, Monday 06 February 2023

Children of overprotective parents tend to live less, study suggests

New York Times, Monday 06 February 2023

Musk Pledged to Cleanse Twitter of Child Abuse Content. It’s Been Rough Going.

Michael H. Keller and Kate Conger

The Conversation, Monday 06 February 2023

Link between crime and politics in South Africa raises concerns about criminal gangs taking over

Sandy Africa

The Guardian, Monday 06 February 2023

‘They used our hijabs to gag us’: Iran protesters tell of rapes, beatings and torture by police

Deepa Parent and Ghoncheh Habibiazad

The Conversation, Sunday 05 February 2023

Drinking and suicide: How alcohol use increases risks, and what can be done about it

Simon Sherry

BBC News, Saturday 04 February 2023

Interpol working out how to police the metaverse

Marc Cieslak & Tom Gerken

Grid, Friday 03 February 2023

Why the FBI’s attempt to track police violence hasn’t worked

Khaya Himmelman

EurekAlert!, Friday 03 February 2023

Life in a violent country can be years shorter and much less predictable – even for those not involved in conflict

University of Oxford

EurekAlert!, Friday 03 February 2023

Commonly used police diversity training unlikely to change officers’ behavior, study finds

Washington University in St. Louis

The Conversation, Friday 03 February 2023

Police traffic stops can alienate communities and lead to violent deaths like Tyre Nichols’ – is it time to rethink them?

Derek Epp, Megan Dias

The Guardian, Friday 03 February 2023

Italian mob suspect Edgardo Greco found working as pizza chef after 16 years on run

The Guardian, Friday 03 February 2023

‘Gets police out of the lives of drug users’: decriminalization move takes effect in Canadian province

Justin Ling

The Conversation, Thursday 02 February 2023

We’re missing opportunities to identify domestic violence perpetrators. This is what needs to change

Nicola Helps, Kate Fitz-Gibbon

The Guardian, Thursday 02 February 2023

‘Like being on a rollercoaster’: the man who caught Sicily’s last mafia boss

Lorenzo Tondo

The Conversation, Thursday 02 February 2023

Scammed: why the rich, famous and experts get duped more often than you think

Yaniv Hanoch, Stacey Wood Molly Mason Jones

Newswise, Thursday 02 February 2023

Moderate alcohol intoxication does not impair recall of sexual assault

University of Birmingham

Bloomberg, Thursday 02 February 2023

Governments and Business Are Key Partners Against Cybercrime

The Guardian, Thursday 02 February 2023

Can a mass shooter demand a good death? The strange case that tested the limits of justice

Giles Tremlett

The Conversation, Thursday 02 February 2023

Beta blockers: how these common heart medications may reduce the risk of violence

Yasmina Molero, Seena Fazel

The Conversation, Wednesday 01 February 2023

Tyre Nichols’ death underscores the troubled history of specialized police units

Ian T. Adams, Seth W. Stoughton

Washington Post, Wednesday 01 February 2023

The tricks used by the powerful, including Trump, to avoid justice

Scott Turow

CBC, Wednesday 01 February 2023

Why one researcher dubs drug decriminalization in B.C. an 'exciting', if flawed, experiment

Jon Hernandez

Newswise, Wednesday 01 February 2023

Better eyewitness lineup improves accuracy, detecting innocence

Iowa State University

New York Times, Wednesday 01 February 2023

A major police reform bill is back in the spotlight.

Remy Tumin

Project Syndicate, Wednesday 01 February 2023

Death or Glory in Russia

Slavoj Žižek

Atlantic Council (Blog), Wednesday 01 February 2023

Europe’s last empire: Putin’s Ukraine war exposes Russia’s imperial identity

Botakoz Kassymbekova

News @ Northeastern, Tuesday 31 January 2023

How to prevent what happened to Tyre Nichols from happening in the future

Tanner Stening and Cody Mello-Klein

MSNBC, Tuesday 31 January 2023

Tyre Nichols couldn’t have obeyed the police if he wanted to

Zeeshan Aleem