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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The Guardian, Monday 06 December 2021

Three in four girls have been sent sexual images via apps, report finds

The Conversation, Monday 06 December 2021

The UK’s policing bill will make climate activism almost illegal – just when it’s most needed

Heather Alberro

Seattle Times, Monday 06 December 2021

Homicide is a leading cause of death during pregnancy. At highest risk: Black women

Cecilia Nowell

Newswise, Monday 06 December 2021

Youth violence prevention program finds success in emergency room, primary care settings

University of Michigan

The Conversation, Monday 06 December 2021

An expert draws 7 lessons about US gun laws from the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the Rittenhouse verdict

John Donohue C. Wendell and Edith M. Carlsmith

New York Times, Sunday 05 December 2021

Viewing a Tragic Case Through the Eyes of Investigators

Ellen Barry

Washington Post, Sunday 05 December 2021

Michigan schools order investigation after staff raised alarms about suspect hours before fatal shooting

Bryan Pietsch

ABC News, Saturday 04 December 2021

The other side of a terror raid: An insider's account of what happens next

Mahmood Fazal

Washington Post, Friday 03 December 2021

The trickle-down trauma of school shootings

Amy Joyce

The Conversation, Thursday 02 December 2021

School shootings are at a record high this year – but they can be prevented

James Densley, Jillian Peterson

The Conversation, Thursday 02 December 2021

Stop and search: new data shows continued ethnic disproportionality

Winifred Agnew-Pauley, Amal Ali, Bisola Akintoye

Philadelphia Weekly, Thursday 02 December 2021

Fewer police = more crime

A. Benjamin Mannes

Gizmodo, Thursday 02 December 2021

How We Determined Predictive Policing Software Disproportionately Targeted Low-Income, Black, and Latino Neighborhoods

Dhruv Mehrotra, Surya Mattu, Annie Gilbertson, and Aaron Sankin

New York Times, Wednesday 01 December 2021

‘It’s None of Your Business’: Fighting for Body-Cam Footage

Kim Barker

The Conversation, Wednesday 01 December 2021

Most school shooters get their guns from home – and during the pandemic, the number of firearms in households with teenagers went up

Patrick Carter, Marc A Zimmerman, Rebeccah Sokol

Modern Diplomacy, Wednesday 01 December 2021

ISIS-K, Talc, Lithium and the narrative of ongoing jihadi terrorism in Afghanistan

Ajmal Sohail

Reason, Wednesday 01 December 2021

More Police Officers Associated with More Black Homicides Prevented

Eugene Volokh

New York Times, Tuesday 30 November 2021

School shootings are becoming more frequent, after a lull during the pandemic.

Jacey Fortin

New York Times, Tuesday 30 November 2021

The Police Killings Were Years Ago. New Prosecutors Are Reopening Cases.

Steve Eder and David D. Kirkpatrick, Tuesday 30 November 2021

Child's gender influences crime rates in young fathers and their peers

University College London

EurekAlert!, Tuesday 30 November 2021

Survey of gun policy experts finds wide disagreement remains

RAND Corporation

The Conversation, Tuesday 30 November 2021

What’s next for Afghanistan? Two experts make predictions

Kambaiz Rafi, Scott Lucas

The Conversation, Tuesday 30 November 2021

What my 20 years in Afghanistan taught me about the Taliban – and how the west consistently underestimates them

Sippi Azarbaijani Moghaddam

The Conversation, Tuesday 30 November 2021

Prison numbers set to rise 24% in England and Wales – it will make society less safe, not more

Francis Pakes

University of Leeds, Tuesday 30 November 2021

Joint policing research centre launched

University of York

MedPage Today, Monday 29 November 2021

Interventions for Teen Dating Violence Do Hold Water

Lei Lei Wu

The Conversation, Monday 29 November 2021

Schools need to step up to address Islamophobia

Nada Aoudeh, Muna Saleh

New York Times, Monday 29 November 2021

‘Self Defense’ Is Becoming Meaningless in a Flood of Guns

Tali Farhadian Weinstein

The Conversation, Monday 29 November 2021

How vulnerable is your personal information? 4 essential reads

Eric Smalley