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Less Law More Order – The Truth about Reducing Crime

Irvin Waller
Year of publication2008
Languagesgerman french english spanish
Keywordsaction plan best practice city crime applied research Communities

What´s it about?

The author indicates where the US went wrong in their over-reliance on police and incarceration (Law and Order) and identifies proven ways to stop violence and implement effective prevention. He provides taxpayers, voters, victims, administrators, and politicians with information on what reduces crime. His goal is to shift policy on crime from the traditional reactive approach – which he unmasks as futile and overpriced – to prevention focused on reducing the number of victims. His book is based on the accumulation of international social science research from the last four decades which has generated a significant body of knowledge about risk factors contributing to crime and about the limits of “cops, courts and corrections”.

What´s included?

Detailed descriptions of the situation in the US in about 2005 and of the potential to improve it at reduced costs.

Who can use it?

Voters, concerned citizens, politicians, administrators, and journalists.

What can it be used for?

Reducing crime and reducing costs for law enforcement and criminal justice.

What is the value?

Information on reducing crime and reducing costs for law enforcement and criminal justice presented in a passionate style and popular language.