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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

The New Yorker, 01.10.2018

How Russia Helped Swing the Election for Trump

Jane Mayer

The Conversation, 01.10.2018

Why the media needs to be more responsible for how it links Islam and Islamist terrorism

Audrey Courty, Halim Rane

The Conversation, 01.10.2018

We provided psychological first aid after the Las Vegas shooting – here’s what we learned

Michelle Paul, Heather Dahl, John A. Nixon

EurekAlert, 01.10.2018

Child abuse could leave 'molecular scars' on its victims

University of British Columbia

YES! Magazine, 01.10.2018

What the Maps of Hate Groups Reveal

Wyatt Massey

Journalist’s Resource, 01.10.2018

Research roundup: Who stores guns safely?

Chloe Reichel

The Conversation, 02.10.2018

London police now allowed visible tattoos – so is body art still rebellious?

Ruth Simpson

The Conversation, 02.10.2018

Most men do not perpetrate sexual violence against women

Joan M. Cook

EurekAlert, 02.10.2018

Can we trust digital forensic evidence?

University of York

Journalist’s Resource, 02.10.2018

7 things journalists should know about guns

Denise-Marie Ordway

The Conversation, 02.10.2018

Kids with cellphones more likely to be bullies – or get bullied. Here are 6 tips for parents

Elizabeth Englander

EurekAlert, 03.10.2018

Sexual harassment and assault take long-term toll on women's health

The Conversation, 03.10.2018

How city squares can be public places of protest or centres of state control

Majdi Faleh, 03.10.2018

Extremists and Online Propaganda

The Conversation, 03.10.2018

How torture tears apart societies from within

Lotte Buch Segal

The Conversation, 04.10.2018

Does a man’s social class have anything to do with the likelihood he’ll commit sexual assault?

Jamie L. Small

Adweek, 04.10.2018

Why AI Is the Next Frontier in Weaponized Social Media

Patrick Kulp

History, 04.10.2018

When Anthrax-Laced Letters Terrorized the Nation

Sarah Pruitt

Bloomberg, 04.10.2018

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies

Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley

UC San Diego Health, 04.10.2018

A New and Dire Diagnosis: Human Trafficking

University of California San Diego Health

The Conversation, 05.10.2018

‘Bystander effect’ and sexual assault: What the research says

Heather Hensman Kettrey, Robert Marx

The Conversation, 05.10.2018

Social media is making it harder to protect the identities of suspects

Jameelah Omar

NPR, 05.10.2018

Chicago Police Officer Found Guilty Of 2nd-Degree Murder Of Laquan McDonald

Shannon Heffernan

iNews, 05.10.2018

Meet the man on an Isis hitlist for trying to stop Islamist terrorism in Europe

Robert Verkaik

Gizmodo, 05.10.2018

The Machines That Will Fight the Social Media Wars of Tomorrow

P. W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking

Pacific Standard, 05.10.2018

Quantifying the 'Weinstein Effect' One Year Later

Francie Diep

Pacific Standard, 05.10.2018

False Reports of Sexual Assault Are Rare. But Why Is There So Little Reliable Data About Them?

Emily Moon

Charleston Post Courier, 05.10.2018

Do parks curb crime? We take a look at 3 in the Charleston area to find out.

Rickey Ciapha Dennis Jr.

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 05.10.2018

'We Are Facing a Monster'

Veit Medick and Christoph Schult

Journalist’s Resource, 05.10.2018

Why many sexual assault survivors may not come forward for years

Denise-Marie Ordway

Washington Post, 06.10.2018

The lessons we have to learn from the Laquan McDonald verdict

Nicole Austin-Hillery, 06.10.2018

I was an Isis sex slave. I tell my story because it is the best weapon I have

Nadia Murad, 07.10.2018

Russian interference goes beyond spying to the very heart of Britain

Nick Cohen

Psychology Today (blog), 08.10.2018

The Overhyped Data on Video Games and Aggression

Christopher J Ferguson

EurekAlert, 08.10.2018

UToledo study details link between social media and sex trafficking

University of Toledo

Washington Post, 08.10.2018

Trump says Chicago police should use ‘stop and frisk’ tactics to curb shootings

Philip Rucker

InSight Crime, 08.10.2018

Can Community Policing Help Tackle Organized Crime in Mexico?

Anna Grace

BBC News, 08.10.2018

Laser technique can identify suspicious white powders

Kenneth Macdonald

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 08.10.2018

Officials Zero In on Neo-Nazi Terror Cell

Pacific Standard, 08.10.2018

Trump Is Still a Fan of Stop and Frisk. But Does It Work?

Francie Diep

Newswise, 08.10.2018

Study explains why some childhood abuse victims develop certain mental illnesses

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council, 09.10.2018

Biblio File: The Psychology of a Human Bomb

Abigail Esman

EurekAlert, 09.10.2018

Never forget a face? Research suggests people know an average of 5,000 faces

University of York

EurekAlert, 09.10.2018

Study uncovers 'sextortion' prevalence in teens

EurekAlert, 09.10.2018

Downward mobility link to violent crime and self-harm

University of Manchester

The Conversation, 09.10.2018

Mobile apps might make you feel better about travelling alone, but they won’t necessarily make you safer

Anastasia Powell

The Conversation, 09.10.2018

Migration: new map of Europe reveals real frontiers for refugees

Martina Tazzioli

The Conversation, 09.10.2018

Proposed police super-database breaks the law and has no legal basis – but the Home Office doesn’t care

Matthew White

The Atlantic, 10.10.2018

A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come

Anne Applebaum

Forbes, 10.10.2018

What Can We Do About Foreign Fighters Returning From Islamic State?

Nikita Malik

Cordis News, 10.10.2018

When the remedy is worse than the disease

Just Security, 10.10.2018

Current Global CVE Agenda Is a Mixed Bag, But Don’t Throw It Out

Eric Rosand and Emily Winterbotham

European Eye on Radicalization, 10.10.2018

The Bitter Social Roots of Terror – The Case of Abdelkader Merah

ScienceNordic, 10.10.2018

Measuring the risk of radicalisation – is it really possible?

Ane Teksum Isbrekken

BBC News, 10.10.2018

'The head injury that made me commit a crime'

Stephen Menon

New York Review of Books, 11.10.2018

Male Trouble

Arlie Russell Hochschild

The New Yorker, 15.10.2018

Was There a Connection Between a Russian Bank and the Trump Campaign?

Dexter Filkins