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Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University

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New York Times, 01.04.2014

Officials Urge Calm as Protests Take a Turn in Albuquerque


Association for Psychological Science, 01.04.2014

Early Intervention Reduces Aggressive Behavior in Adulthood

An educational intervention program for children between kindergarten and 10th grade, known as Fast Track, reduces aggressive behavior later in life, according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.
RedOrbit, 01.04.2014

Male-Dominated Societies Are Not More Violent

Conventional wisdom and scientific arguments have claimed that societies with more men than women, such as China, will become more violent, but a University of California, Davis, study has found that a male-biased sex ratio does not lead to more crime.
The Nation, 01.04.2014

A Captivating Mind

How Georgi Markov became the truth-teller of Bulgaria’s communist era, and paid for it with his life. Dimiter Kenarov
The Argus, 01.04.2014

Voluntary Tagging Reduces Reoffending

As part of a successful trial initiative, convicts in Sussex have been given the option of wearing tags to help stop them from reoffending. The tags, which are entirely voluntary, provide Sussex Police with live information about the wearer’s movements.
Phys.Org, 01.04.2014

Research highlights challenges faced by high conflict families

The Cambridge Student, 01.04.2014

Cambridgeshire police cause ‘serious concern’ over domestic abuse, yet student victims go unmentioned

Amy Provan

The Guardian, 01.04.2014

Police fail to recognise that abuse often lies behind women's offending

The Prison Reform Trust and HMIC highlight links between women's offending and domestic and sexual violence, yet the criminal justice system still isn't joining up the dots

Carlene Firmin

New York Times, 01.04.2014

The Credit Card of Tomorrow: Software, Not Plastic


The Atlantic, 01.04.2014

What I Learned About Stop-and-Frisk From Watching My Black Son

The “special tax” on men of color is more than an inconvenience. A father shares his firsthand observations and fears.
SPIEGEL ONLINE, 01.04.2014

'Most Germans Don't Share These Concerns'

The head of Germany's agency in charge of counterintelligence reviews the new book by the reporters behind SPIEGEL's NSA coverage. He says many fears raised are overplayed, but also warns people need to take greater care with their data.

Hans-Georg Maassen

RT Published time, 01.04.2014

Hundreds prosecuted in UK under controversial 300-year old dueling law – study

Ottawa Citizen, 01.04.2014

Police union president calls civil libertarians’ complaint ‘pure hypocrisy’

Shaamini Yogaretnam

Vanity Fair, 01.04.2014

The Chaos Company

Wherever governments can’t—or won’t—maintain order, from oil fields in Africa to airports in Britain and nuclear facilities in America, the London-based “global security” behemoth G4S has been filling the void. It is the world’s third-largest private-sector employer and commands a force three times the size of the British military. On-site in South Sudan with G4S ordnance-disposal teams, William Langewiesche learns just how dirty the job can get, and how perilous the company’s control.
New York Times, 02.04.2014

Police Confront Rising Number of Mentally Ill Suspects


EurekAlert!, 02.04.2014

Bullying happens to popular teens too

A new University of California, Davis, study suggests that for most adolescents, becoming more popular both increases their risk of getting bullied and worsens the negative consequences of being victimized, perhaps because they feel they have "farther to fall.", 02.04.2014

'We've got children killing other children'

Carrie Blackmore Smith

Views and News from Norway, 02.04.2014

Breivik claims isolation is torture

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 02.04.2014

Why Were Young Males Behind Recent Attacks on Schools and Public Gatherings? A Roundtable Discussion in Violence and Gender

University of Missouri-Columbia, 02.04.2014

Criticism of Violent Video Games Has Decreased as Technology Has Improved, Gamers Age, MU Study Finds

Gaming journalists, video gamers have become more tolerant of violence as it has become more life-like
WalesOnline, 02.04.2014

Minimum alcohol pricing and ban on e-cigarettes could be introduced in Wales under radical new proposals to improve the nation's health

The Welsh Government is publishing a white paper outlining a number of measures to tackle major public health challenges.

Julia McWatt

The Atlantic, 02.04.2014

Treating Drug Use as a Disease, Not a Crime

A Pew Research study today says jail is not the place for non-violent drug users.

Julie Beck

The Hartford Courant, 02.04.2014

Project Longevity Holds First Hartford 'Call-In'

KELLY GLISTA, 03.04.2014

The Political Cost of a Heavy Police Presence

Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, 03.04.2014

Boston Bomber Manhunt Exposed Policing 'Fault Lines': Study

American Friends of Tel Aviv University, 03.04.2014

Drawing Conclusions

TAU researcher finds drawing pictures can be key tool in investigations of child abuse
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc./, 03.04.2014

Violence and Gender Journal Explores Dress and Behavior of Mass Shooters as Factors to Predict and Prevent Future Attacks

University of Huddersfield, 03.04.2014

Measuring crime risk on the London Underground

Researcher works with Transport for London developing an algorithm to calculate the probability of where theft is most likely
Amnesty International, 03.04.2014

Impunity, excessive force and links to extremist Golden Dawn blight Greek police, 03.04.2014

The Scope of San Diego’s Gang Problem

Megan Burks

London Review of Books, 03.04.2014

Suspects into Collaborators

Peter Neumann argues that Assad has himself to blame. Peter Neumann is professor of security studies at King’s College London. He currently leads a research project on the Syrian conflict and the future of the global jihadist movement.
SPIEGEL ONLINE, 03.04.2014

A Hungarian Extremist Explores His Jewish Roots

Jan Puhl

Toronto Star, 04.04.2014

Finding a cure for hate

Is hatred, of the magnitude of the Rwandan genocide, a public health issue, like STDs and measles? A group at the U of T wants to find out.
Huffington Post, 04.04.2014

'Mama, Get Me Away From Around Here!'

Marian Wright Edelman President, Children's Defense Fund

TIME-, 04.04.2014

The ‘Love Hormone’ Can Make You Hate: Study

Michelle Arrouas

EurekAlert!, 04.04.2014

The Trayvon Martin case: Lessons for education researchers

Controversial case not only about race and class, but gender and sexism, researcher says
The Week UK, 04.04.2014

Scotland Yard policing its own officers with 'culture of fear'

Report hears that figure fiddling is 'rife' in London as Met Police officers chase performance targets
The Globe and Mail, 04.04.2014

How porn studies can help our criminal justice system


New York Times, 04.04.2014

Senate Panel Votes to Reveal Report on C.I.A. Interrogations


The Telegraph, 04.04.2014

New rules ban bailiffs from seizing 'essential' items including computers and mobiles

New laws are to be brought in to curb anti-social bailiffs. The changes will prohibit bailiffs from entering homes at night and from using physical force against debtors. Bailiffs will also be prevented from entering homes when only children are present, and from taking household essentials such as washing machines. The changes will come into effect on 6 April 2014 and follow Ministry of Justice consultation on the debt collection industry last year.
The Economist, 05.04.2014

Less coin to purloin

A cashless economy leads to a safer society
New York Times, 05.04.2014

Army Base Shooting Highlights Difficulty in Identifying At-Risk Soldiers


The Economist, 05.04.2014

Sweet little lies

Hormone treatment can stimulate deception for the benefit of friends
Business Mirror, 05.04.2014

UN science report: Warming worsens security woes

Seth Borenstein

Medical Daily, 05.04.2014

Become A Human Lie Detector Test: How To Spot A Liar Using The Latest In Psychology Research

Susan Scutti

WebProNews, 06.04.2014

Violent-Game Criticism is Dying Ou

Sean Patterson, 06.04.2014

It's Debatable: Should marijuana be legalized?

Don: States are breaking federal law
London Review of Books Online exclusive, 06.04.2014

The Red Line and the Rat Line

Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels
New York Times, 06.04.2014

The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street


New York Times, 07.04.2014

When Youth Violence Spurred ‘Superpredator’ Fear

After a surge of teen violence in the early 1990s, some social scientists predicted the future was going to be a whole lot worse. Reality proved otherwise.


OpEdNews, 07.04.2014

Undocumented Migrants Hurt American Economy, Or Do They?

Mikhail Lyubansky (blog), 07.04.2014

Why is the government fighting measures to protect trafficked children?

Ian Dunt

Reason, 07.04.2014

Can Cannabis Cut Car Crashes?

If more pot smoking means less drinking, legalization could make the roads safer.

Jacob Sullum

EconoMonitor, 07.04.2014

Cops and Economists: Contrasting yet Complementary Views on Drug Legalization

Ed Dolan

EurekAlert!, 07.04.2014

Children see domestic violence that often goes unreported, research finds

Young witnesses suffer fear, anxiety while perpetrators rarely face jail time, according to study
EurekAlert!, 07.04.2014

New research shows huge disparities between the decisions made by coroners

Huddersfield researcher calls for national Coroners' Service in England and Wales to avoid the current postcode lottery
University of Rochester Newsroom, 07.04.2014

Feelings of Failure, Not Violent Content, Foster Aggression in Video Gamers

Aggressive Behavior Linked to Players' Experiences
University of Missouri-Columbia, 07.04.2014

Twitter Use Linked to Infidelity and Divorce, MU Study Finds

Twitter and Facebook can have damaging effects on relationships
GOV.UK, 07.04.2014

Criminals paying more than ever to help victims

Funding for Victims Services Criminals are paying more money than ever before to help victims of crime. An increase in the penalties judges can impose on criminals from 2012 is ensuring criminals are forced to pay the price for their wrongdoing. £14 million of new funding is now being taken directly from to provide vital services to help victims recover from the effects of crime
Europol, 07.04.2014

Human trafficking gang jailed

Members of A criminal gang responsible for trafficking Hungarian women into the UK to take part in sham marriages has been jailed for more than 13 years, following a UK investigation supported by Europol.
Examiner, 07.04.2014

What do burglars look for when targeting a house? Thieves spill beans to police - find out how you can put them off

Convicted burglars are helping to reduce crime by giving crime prevention tips to potential victims. The information, which includes what burglars look for when targeting a house, derive from comments given by the offenders when interviewed by the police:
Journalist's Resource, 08.04.2014

First-time juvenile offenders, probation and recidivism: Evidence from Los Angeles

RT Published time, 08.04.2014

Colorado crime levels see little change since marijuana legalization – study

Illinois Wesleyan University, 08.04.2014

Student’s Crime Data Research Attracts National Ethics Symposium Attention

EurekAlert!, 08.04.2014

Poor neighborhoods create misfortune, ill health

Life-altering events lead to anxiety, depression, host of health problems
EurekAlert!, 08.04.2014

Are Southern death-row inmates more polite?

EurekAlert!, 08.04.2014

National survey links teen binge drinking and alcohol brand references in pop music

International Relations and Security Network ETH, 09.04.2014

The Caucasus Emirate: From Anti-Colonialist Roots to Salafi-Jihad

Youth Today, 09.04.2014

Inside Federal Juvenile Justice Grants

Lisa Chiu, 09.04.2014

Can we trust crime numbers?

David J. Krajicek

Police News, 09.04.2014

3 ways to bring use-of-force training to small police departments

How do small- and medium-sized departments — which are already stretched thin — keep training up on such a dynamic concept as legal use of force?
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 09.04.2014

Is the Increased Risk of Death Due to Alcohol Intake Greater for Women or Men?

EurekAlert!, 09.04.2014

Violence intervention program effective in Vanderbilt pilot study

Violent behavior and beliefs among middle school students can be reduced through the implementation of a targeted violence intervention program, according to a Vanderbilt study released in the Journal of Injury and Violence Research.
Florida Trend, 09.04.2014

Florida overcriminalization costs taxpayers, hurts public safety

EurekAlert!, 10.04.2014

ACP offers policy recommendations for reducing gun-related injuries, deaths in US

The South Los Angeles Report, 10.04.2014

Crime survivors likely to be victims of crime again

Mikella Wickham

Virginia Connection Newspapers, 10.04.2014

Considering the Effects of Mass Incarceration

A Public Forum on Criminal Justice Sentencing Reform held in Burke.

Janelle Germanos

RedOrbit, 10.04.2014

Age Does Not Predict Success For Individuals Sentenced To Court-based Mental Health Treatment Programs

Older adults in treatment programs experience the same challenges as younger participants
EurekAlert!, 10.04.2014

How widespread is tax evasion?

New study puts a cost on 'round-tripping,' a method investors use to avoid the tax collector
Phys.Org, 10.04.2014

Ethnically diverse neighbourhoods 'safer'

Residents of ethnically diverse neighbourhoods can expect to experience fewer assaults than residents of neighbourhoods with little or no ethnic diversity, according to a new way of measuring violence.
The Australian, 10.04.2014

Police put increase in sex crimes down to inquiries giving victims courage to speak out

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said most of the offences were committed by people the victims knew.
New York Times, 11.04.2014

Who Are Hit Men?


WalesOnline, 11.04.2014

‘Police complacency, inertia and lack of leadership’ are under attack as MPs’ damning report finds we cannot rely on police statistics

David Williamson

Research News, 17.04.2014

Guns aren’t the only things killing cops

John Violanti's latest book explores the unusual health risks police officers face in their jobs.


Washington Post, 17.04.2014

Teens who expect to die young are more likely to commit crime

Emily Badger

EurekAlert!, 17.04.2014

Local homicide rate increases cause more elementary students to fail school

A new study finds that an increase in a municipality's homicide rate causes more elementary school students in that community to fail a grade than would do so if the rate remained stable.
Quartz, 18.04.2014

A dismaying portion of the medicine in circulation is counterfeit

Rachel Feltman

Newswise Released, 18.04.2014

Boomers' Dark Secret: Booze

What their caregivers don’t know or don't ask could end up hurting aging patients
Irish Examiner, 18.04.2014

More red tape or a better thin blue line?

A police authority will uncouple the close relationship between the justice minister and Garda commissioner.

Cormac O’Keeffe

NDTV, 20.04.2014

Researchers use Twitter to predict crime

EurekAlert!, 21.04.2014

Airport security officers at TSA gaining insight from Sandia human behavior studies

Association for Psychological Science, 21.04.2014

People Selectively Remember the Details of Atrocities That Absolve In-Group Members

EurekAlert!, 21.04.2014

Mental illness not usually linked to crime, research finds

Most offenders didn't display pattern of crime related to mental illness symptoms over their lifetime, according to study
The News Journal, 21.04.2014

Influences on infant mortality

Kelly Bothum, 21.04.2014

Why your fingerprints may not be unique

Assumption that everyone has a unique fingerprint from which they can be identified through a computer database is flawed, says Home Office expert Mike Silverman

Sarah Knapton

Cincinnati Business Courier, 21.04.2014

Has Cincinnati’s large police force led to reduced crime?

Cincinnati saw a 20 percent reduction in violent crime from 2010 to 2012 while also having the 23rd-largest police force in the country on a per-capita basis, according to a study by

Chris Wetterich

EurekAlert!, 22.04.2014

Regulating legal marijuana could be guided by lessons from alcohol and tobacco, study says

As U.S. policymakers consider ways to ease prohibitions on marijuana, the public health approaches used to regulate alcohol and tobacco over the past century may provide valuable lessons, according to new RAND Corporation research.
EurekAlert!, 22.04.2014

Almost one-third of Canadian adults have experienced child abuse

Increased link to mental disorders, suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts
The Guardian, 22.04.2014

Why prison isn't working for women

Psychologist Stephanie Covington believes understanding trauma can help staff appreciate that women in jail can be victims too
New York Review of Books, 22.04.2014

Let the Past Collapse on Time!

Vladimir Sorokin

Cambridge News, 22.04.2014

Residents urged to have their say after figures reveal crime has risen across Uttlesford


The American Prospect, 22.04.2014

How Big Data Could Undo Our Civil-Rights Laws

From "reverse redlining" to selling out a pregnant teenager to her parents, the advance of technology could render obsolete our landmark civil-rights and anti-discrimination laws.
The Guardian, 22.04.2014

Gratuitous criticism will not help the police to improve

Politicians' sweeping condemnation of police leadership may bring short-term political gain, but it will undermine the future of the service

Nick Gargan

American News Report, 22.04.2014

Researcher: More Medical Marijuana Studies Needed

Pat Anson

RedOrbit, 22.04.2014

Are Forensics Experts Relying On Inconsistent Fingerprint Technology?

Lawrence LeBlond

Clovis News Journal, 22.04.2014

Gang affiliation has long-term impact

A recent study gives new meaning to “gang mentality.” Because, mentally, gang members — even short-timers — are more likely to become lifelong losers.
The Atlantic, 22.04.2014

Everything We Know About Early Childhood Has Changed Since Head Start

50 years of research—and "Sesame Street"—have changed our understanding of how to best help disadvantaged kids.

Janell Ross, Amy Sullivan

Daily Beast, 22.04.2014

America’s Recidivism Nightmare

A new government study shows a disturbing trend for the prison population.
EurekAlert!, 22.04.2014

Report recommends insurers use prescription monitoring data to reduce opioid abuse, deaths

New York Times, 22.04.2014

Bragging of Safety While Many Live in Fear

The twin holes resemble diamond studs, and a crack in the glass curls, as graceful as an eyelash along the lobby window.
New York Times, 22.04.2014

The College Honor Code: Trust but Verify?

New York Times, 23.04.2014

To Reduce Inequality, Start With Families


The Atlantic, 23.04.2014

Why Corporations Fail to Do the Right Thing

Six reasons why international business remains dangerous to workers and the environment, even when its leaders genuinely want to do better

Christine Bader

The Age, 23.04.2014

Revengeful fathers kill children to punish mum

Men who kill their children do so to punish the mother, experts say, with the final act of revenge often punctuating a history of domestic violence.
Huffington Post, 23.04.2014

Schools need to be prepared to defend against more than just shootings, say experts

Evie Blad, 23.04.2014

Stop your sons joining war in Syria, urges Metropolitan police

Counter-terrorism officers make plea to Muslim women as more young men head off to fight in civil war

Vikram Dodd, Sandra Laville

The Guardian, 23.04.2014

Rising alcohol prices credited for drop in serious violence

Fewer people sought A&E treatment as a result of violence last year, study finds, and fall in binge drinking may be a reason

Alan Travis