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Daily Press
Todays crime related press reports collected by Prof. Thomas Görgen, German Police University, 01.04.2019

Researchers study bias in prosecutor filing trends

Ingrid Wright

Lexology, 01.04.2019

Isolating Extremists Increases the Danger

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

The Conversation, 01.04.2019

The unique vulnerabilities and needs of teen survivors of mass shootings

David Rosenberg

The Guardian, 01.04.2019

To understand the far right, look to their bookshelves

Elif Shafak

EurekAlert, 01.04.2019

Violence between intimate partners -- new book launched

University of Huddersfield

Junkee, 02.04.2019

The Rot Starts At The Top: The Problem With De-Platforming The Far-Right

Rashna Farrukh

New York Review of Books, 02.04.2019

The Rap Sheet of the French Police

Mark Ballantyne

Crime Report, 02.04.2019

The Ambiguous Reality of Police Integrity

Renee D. Kosor

EurekAlert!, 02.04.2019

'NarcoLogic' computer model shows unintended consequences of cocaine interdiction

Oregon State University

The Conversation, 02.04.2019

Smacking children: countries that refuse to ban practice are breaching international law

Tracy Kirk

Brandeis University, 02.04.2019

ISIS and the rise of gangster jihadism

Lawrence Goodman

The Conversation, 02.04.2019

Brain scan evidence in criminal sentencing: A blessing and a curse

Corey Hill Allen, Eyal Aharoni

The Conversation, 02.04.2019

Social media: should you share pictures of your children online?

Garfield Benjamin

Radio New Zealand, 03.04.2019

Corrections criticised over its de-radicalisation programme focus

Phil Pennington

Newswise Article, 03.04.2019

New 3D Crime Scene Mapping Tool Turns Incident Scenes into Virtual 3D Models

The Conversation, 03.04.2019

Knife crime and gangs: how a decade of bad policy left deprived young people without real choice

Robert F. Hesketh

EurekAlert, 03.04.2019

The psychology behind solving cold case homicides

University of Huddersfield

Eurasia Review, 03.04.2019

The Media Coverage Of Immigrant Criminality: From Scapegoating To Populism – Analysis, 03.04.2019

I helped stop a far-right terror plot. Are UK police ready for the next one?

Matthew Collins

ComputerWeekly, 03.04.2019

MI5 and the Met ramp up use of analytics to tackle terrorism

Angelica Mari

EurekAlert, 04.04.2019

Interparental aggression often co-occurs with aggression toward kids

Penn State


Who are Europe’s far-right identitarians?

Julia Ebner

London Review of Books Vol. 41 No. 7, 04.04.2019

It is very easy to die here

Rachel Nolan

ABC News, 05.04.2019

Does Australia have the capacity to rehabilitate IS returnees if they are permitted to return?

Sowaibah Hanifie

Just Security, 05.04.2019

How News Media Talk About Terrorism: What the Evidence Shows

Erin M. Kearns and Amarnath Amarasingam

Tablet, 05.04.2019

How Jewish obsolescence as described by the early Christian church echoes in contemporary anti-Zionism

Jon D. Levenson

The Conversation, 08.04.2019

Don’t blame Sharia for Islamic extremism – blame colonialism

Mark Fathi Massoud

EurekAlert, 08.04.2019

Hate incidents are notoriously underreported; now, there's an app for that

University of Utah

The New Yorker online, 08.04.2019

Who Belongs in Prison?

Adam Gopnik

Police Professional, 08.04.2019

All stalking victims suffer lasting psychological damage, new research finds

Tony Thompson

EurekAlert, 08.04.2019

FSU researcher finds adolescent views of law enforcement can improve over time

Florida State University

The Conversation, 08.04.2019

Does legalizing marijuana help or harm Americans? Weighing the statistical evidence

Liberty Vittert

EurekAlert, 09.04.2019

Criminal justice system should be cautious when approaching risk assessment

Rice University

EurekAlert, 09.04.2019

Police stops unintentionally increase criminal behavior in black and Latino youths

New York University

The Conversation, 09.04.2019

Migrants’ stories: Why they flee

Anthony W. Fontes

The Conversation, 09.04.2019

What Nigerian hip-hop lyrics have to say about the country’s Yahoo Boys

Suleman Ibrahim Lazarus

Himal online, 09.04.2019

A map of arriving

Taran N Khan

Himal online, 09.04.2019

Harbour behind harbour

Taran N Khan

Himal online, 09.04.2019

A woman is her own country

Taran N Khan

Himal online, 09.04.2019

“Madam Merkel, can you hear me?”

Taran N Khan

Himal online, 09.04.2019

“The boat is full”

Taran N Khan

Canada Free Press, 10.04.2019

Canadian Terrorists by the Numbers: An Assessment of Canadians Joining and Supporting Terrorist Groups

The Conversation, 10.04.2019

Islamic State: the ‘caliphate’ is off the map for now, but will evolve in dangerous ways

Harout Akdedian

EurekAlert, 10.04.2019

Despite more violent crimes, it's safer to be a cop today than 50 years ago

Florida Atlantic University

Himal online, 10.04.2019

“Imagine there’s no countries”

Taran N Khan

The Economist Print edition, 11.04.2019

Britain is dangerously fertile ground for the far right

The Conversation, 11.04.2019

Don’t shoot! That drone overhead probably isn’t invading your privacy

Stephen Rice, Mattie Milner

Cato Institute (blog), 11.04.2019

New Paper Measures Social and Psychological Costs of Pedestrian Stops on Black and Latino Adolescents

Jonathan Blanks

Government Technology, 11.04.2019

LAPD Predictive Policing Tool Raises Racial Bias Concerns

Mark Puente

Himal online, 11.04.2019

Bella Ciao, Namaye Muhajir

Taran N Khan

The Guardian, 11.04.2019

China’s hi-tech war on its Muslim minority

Darren Byler

The Jerusalem Post, 12.04.2019

Hamas’s well-established presence in Germany

MAYA MARGIT, 12.04.2019

Automatic and semi-automatic weapon ban for NZ Super Fund

Rob Stock

Los Angeles Times, 12.04.2019

LAPD ends another data-driven crime program touted to target violent offenders

Mark Puente, 12.04.2019

Alan Dershowitz: Is Julian Assange another Pentagon Papers case?

Alan Dershowitz

The New Yorker, 12.04.2019

The Indictment of Julian Assange Is a Threat to Journalism

John Cassidy

The Conversation, 12.04.2019

Al-Bashir: why the ICC is between a rock and a hard place

Mattia Cacciatori

The Conversation, 14.04.2019

The rout of ISIS gives the world an opportunity to defeat its ideology

Kyle Matthews

EurekAlert, 14.04.2019

Knife crime: Assault data can help forecast fatal stabbings in London, study suggests

University of Cambridge, 14.04.2019

Police accused of abusing easier stop and search

Mark Townsend

New York Times, 14.04.2019

One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority

Paul Mozur

EurekAlert, 15.04.2019

90% of teens killed by an intimate partner are girls

University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine

New York Times, 15.04.2019

Officer Who Used Gun Instead of Taser Won’t Face Charges for Shooting Unarmed Man

Emily S. Rueb

The Crime Report, 15.04.2019

Who’s Watching the Nation’s Crime Data?

Richard Rosenfeld

The New Yorker, 15.04.2019

Guantánamo’s Darkest Secret

Ben Taub

Teesside Live, 15.04.2019

More and more offenders are dying when they leave prison - with 'self-inflicted' deaths on the rise

Mike Brown

The Conversation, 15.04.2019

By not investigating the U.S. for war crimes, the International Criminal Court shows colonialism still thrives in international law

Helyeh Doutaghi, Jay Ramasubramanyam

BBC News, 16.04.2019

How air pollution is doing more than killing us

Melissa Hogenboom

Albany Student Press, 16.04.2019

More cameras: privacy invasions or crime stoppers?

Michelle Mullen

EurekAlert, 16.04.2019

Study suggests college students end up in vicious cycle of substance abuse, poor academics, stress

Binghamton University

SPIEGEL ONLINE, 16.04.2019

The Scam of Fake Orphanages in Cambodia

Vanessa Steinmetz and Maria Feck

BBC News, 17.04.2019

Shamima Begum: Why women are terrorism's secret weapon

Martine Zeuthen & Gayatri Sahgal Rusi

CSS Resources (blog), 17.04.2019

This is Not Us – and Yet it is Us: Why Gendered Analysis of Terrorism is Sorely Needed

Jacqui True, Yasmin Chilmeran and Melissa Johnston

EurekAlert, 17.04.2019

School bullying increases chances of mental health issues and unemployment in later life

Lancaster University

EurekAlert, 17.04.2019

Media exposure to mass violence can fuel cycle of distress 3-year longitudinal study shows

The Conversation, 17.04.2019

How Columbine became a blueprint for school shooters

Jillian Peterson, James Densley

The Conversation, 17.04.2019

The new digital divide is between people who opt out of algorithms and people who don’t

Anjana Susarla

The Conversation, 17.04.2019

There’s a massive cybersecurity job gap – we should fill it by employing hackers

John McAlaney, Helen Thackray